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Thank you mom

From: shirley hummitsch Date: Sun, Aug 7, 2022 at 5:02 PM To: Hummitsch: Chuck, Sonja Tref <>

I've mentioned many times on Facebook that we go to our son Chuck and Sunshine's Ranch to play cards in Norco, a city well-known as "HorseTown USA". Well, things got pretty exciting there when Channel 11, also known as Fox 11 Los Angeles went to Sunshine and Daydreams Horse Back Riding Ranch on Friday to help them publicize their rescuing older horses that are elsewhere in the U.S.A., from being hauled off to slaughter houses. They are often a rack of bones when Sunshine gets them but she and her staff give them tender, loving care, nursing them back to health. In fact, they decided to create G.G. Equine Services with the G's standing for Gentle Giants that is being run by two employees. They have found that Sunshine's loving, educated staff are truly eager to bring these amazing horses back to health to the point where they can even become one of S & D's Rent String. S & D rescued over 80 horses in the last three years, 50 % of which were saved to live longer lives in other barns, as well as their own. HOWEVER, because of today's economy, many of their business guests just can't afford to ride. S & D dropped their rates until they can't drop them anymore. This puts G.G. Equine Services in jeopardy but instead of closing it down, they are asking YOU to help to be able to continue this program. G.G. is a Not a non-profit organization. I will be donating and I hope you will too and please share this message, all in the name of loving animals.

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