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Our Mission

Saving lives since 1987

GG's Equine Outreach focuses on retrieving older, well-trained healthy horses off of the feed lot. Instead of going to slaughter, these lucky few come to our ranch in Norco, Horse Town USA. We have large stalls, plenty of hay, and a loving, educated staff eager to bring these amazing horses back to health.

One of our greatest achievements is the full-time job, life and love many of these horses find as part of our rent string. These horses truly are ambassadors of horseback riding to hundreds of new riders wanting a safe trail riding experience.

We've brought in over 80 horses in the last three years, and have been able to put almost 50% of those back into permanent loving barns, mostly our own. Thanks to the feed lot staff who are willing to pull and ride through as may horses as they can, and sell them before the trailer is loaded to go to slaughter.

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