Get to Know

Our Horses



Meet Picklez! He is our 13 year old Belgian draft horse. He was our first draft that we pulled from Texas. He has fueled our love for these GGs, and helped us flagship the name GG's Equine Outreach. We have since acquired close to ten more draft horses. Picklez is a staff and guest favorite. We trust him to carry first-time adult riders, and kids who are returning to ride with us again.

Picklez required a lot of TLC when he first arrived at our ranch. He'd clearly been neglected for quite some time. The horseshoes on his feet had probably been put on nearly a year prior, and he was a few hundred pounds underweight. With some good food and care from our wonderful farriers, we were able to put weight on him, and we got his hooves in good working condition.



Meet Samantha! She is a 22-year-old grey warmblood mare. Samantha was one of our pulls off the feedlot in Texas and man oh man, are we so glad to have her. She is a staff and guest favorite because she is not only very well behaved, she has the looks to boot. Samantha was clearly taken care of, and at one point in life, very well loved because her training is amazing. We selected her right away for our team and waited for her ship date to purchase her, but we were shocked to see that no one had chosen to buy her before then. We are grateful to have her, but are very confused as to how she got to that point.

She is a phenomenal horse, and a main reason we are so passionate about pulling older, first time and beginner friendly horses off the feed lot. If we had not purchased her, she would have been sent off to slaughter. Samantha enjoys taking out adults on the one-hour trail rides and sometimes the occasional kiddo.



Meet, Stella! She is one of our senior equine ambassadors (meaning she is over thirty years old), and she has been with S&D for nearly six months. Stella has made a fantastic turnaround since she arrived, shedding her long scraggy coat to reveal a sleek, glossy summer coat. She has also regained a lot of healthy weight. Stella loves to take out kiddos which is her favorite thing to do, next to sticking out her tongue. She came to us from a local horse trader who recieved her from an auction house in Arizona.

We are so glad we found Stella! She has made a wonderful addition to our team as a kid's pony on the one-hour riverbed trail rides, and more recently, as one of our ponies on our Sunday morning parent-led pony rides for kids ages 2 - 6.

Stella also regularly takes out the staff's grandmas. She lives with her buddy Eeyore, and will only eat hay pellets. Stella would love if you came to visit her!



Meet Melody! She is a 20 year old Percheron mare, and she has been with G.Gs for about four months. She was brought in as part of our draft rehabilitation program and has made a complete turnaround since coming here. Melody has spent most of her time with us just gaining weight!

Only recently was she able to start getting to work, she only spent a little time as a guide horse and now she is able to take out first time and beginning riders because she is such a wonderful girl.

We got Melody from an auction house in Texas, where if she had not been purchased, she would have been on the trailer headed to slaughter. We are so glad we found her; she has made a wonderful addition to our team!



Meet Manny, named after Manny the Mammoth from the movie Ice Age. Our Manny, much like the one from Ice Age, is also a gentle giant. Manny is another one of our pulls from the feed lot in Texas. When he got here, he needed A LOT of help. He has received it in the form of a sponsorship from Slam Dunk Sports Bar in Norco. A huge thank you to them for helping us get Manny back on his hooves.

Manny was severely underweight, and his intestines were FILLED with sand, so he’s been eating his little heart out and gaining weight. When horses are filled with sand, we give them psyllium which helps push the sand out, so they do not get a blockage or impaction colic. These draft horses may look big and mighty, but their gastrointestinal tracts tend to be a little sensitive. So, rather than giving Manny the full dose every day, we did half doses until he reached the final amount. To say we were a little nervous about it was an understatement. Thankfully he was able to do his round of psyllium with no complications, and he is now sand free and able to continue eating with no worry of the sand.

Manny was also recently visited by the dentist. Let's just say Manny had lots of “cavities”. Horses’ teeth are constantly growing, and they wear them down by chewing their food. Sometimes they do not do a very good job wearing them down evenly, so they will get sharp points which make it painful for them to eat. This is probably one of the leading reasons Manny was so underweight. Manny also had a wolf tooth which needed to be removed. Wolf teeth are a pointy tooth within a mouth of smooth teeth and are normally removed when the horse is young, but Manny’s had been allowed to stay. Oftentimes wolf teeth will get in the way of the bit when ridding and are VERY easy to hit when bridling and unbridling, which is painful for the horse. To make Manny’s life a little bit easier, his remaining wolf tooth was removed.

Manny has already made so many good steps while being here and has gained a good amount of weight, but this is only his beginning. Stay tuned to see what a gorgeous animal he will be when he is back to 100%.